Fisheries Policy in the State:

A Cabinet sub committee was formed to formulate and recommend a new fisheries policy for the State. Accordingly, several meetings of the sub committee were held and it submitted its report to the government on 22.09.2001. After scrutiny cabinet the new fisheries policy in the State was released by the Government of Chhattisgarh Agriculture (fisheries) Department on March 2003. The salient features of the new fisheries policy are as under.
  • Fishery leases of ponds, tanks and irrigation reservoirs up to 200 ha. Of average water area to be given for five years at a time. Fisheries rights over three-tier Panchayat bodies/ponds/tanks and irrigation reservoirs having more than 200 ha. Average water areas are to be auctioned by the fisheries department for a five years period at a time. Water area above 200 ha. Govt. recently (on 8th Sept. 2007) revised the policy with following amendment:-
  • Water bodies of 200 - 1000 ha. & above 5000 ha. Will be leased out to fishermen co-operative societies by the department.
  • Water body above 1000 – 5000 ha. Will be allotted to C.G. Matsya Mahasangh on royalty basis.
  • Municipal bodies –As per govt. policy.
  • Duration of lease – 10 years.
  • 10% increases in initial lease amount every third year are to be made.
  • Ponds and tanks having more than one ha. Water area are to be leased out to registered fishermen’s co-operative societies.
  • Fisheries of 10% of ponds, tanks and irrigation reservoirs are to be reserved for leasing to unemployed youth who have been given training by the department for 10 months.
  • Working jurisdiction of a registered co-operative society will be within the radius of 8 km from its headquarters.
  • If three tier panchayat bodies fail to lease out fisheries of ponds and tanks within 6 months, such tanks would be leased out directly as per rules by the Collector of the district concerned.
  • Fish Seed traders are liable to take licenses under Fish Seed Act.
  • One tank in every village will be identified and left for the needs of villagers. No fisheries development will be taken up in such tanks.
  • Royalty will not be charged for minnows extracted from irrigation reservoirs which are under the department.
  • Existing departmental hatcheries which are running in loss to be leased out.
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